St Mary’s Glacier and the Debrief


A few hundred yards up a “hill” from one of the lakes that lies at the feet of St. Mary’s Glacier is a beautiful little mountain “cabin” that just happens to be 3 stories of  gorgeous and posh accomodations.   The kind and generous owners allowed us use of it for our Heaven Fest debrief.   Dave and I met Dave (DP)  and Tara, Tredessa and Luke and to work we went….in a little luxury.


St Mary’s isn’t technically a glacier, since it doesn’t move now, but rather a permanent snow field that gets as high as 11,000+ feet.   Here in Colorado, it isn’t about the population on state road signs like it is in Nebraska or Kansas.   It is about elevation.   I wasn’t that high, but maybe 10,500, which is like 2 miles above sea level.


We cracked ourselves up on a little project which the Heaven Fest “directors” (the people who made it happen!!) will hear about soon.   We delved into details, talked about critiques we have received and what we need to do better in the future.   We were also, once again, one month out, so awed and grateful to God for the things He did, for the people who brought their best to help us and make Heaven Fest happen.    After reading  58 pages of feedback and comments, what could we do, but just praise God and thank Him and worship Him?  


Laughing and crying and worshipping can wear you out.   Home just past 11:30 pm Monday night, I am wrung out (meanwhile Tredessa had to be at the Democratic National Convention very early this am to oversee the worship/prayer stuff in the park among the movers and shakers of the nation!), but pleased that God met us and taught us.  

Debrief results: Ultimately, we did the best we could with what we had, and God (and some of His most incredible servants) did ALL the  rest of the amazing  stuff!   We thank Him!

Heaven Fest is still a warm fuzzy for me…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Take Mark Batterson’s formula  and put it to use waaaaaay more often:  change of  place + change of pace = change of perspective.

pictured: the cabin and Tara and Tredessa; laptops came out in a hurry; the HF “staff” breaking bread together; Dave at the lake, Dave and I with the “glacier” behind us; Luke waking up, Dave, our fearless leader chairing a meeting.

4 thoughts on “St Mary’s Glacier and the Debrief

  1. I recently experienced change of place + change of pace = change of perspective. It was wonderful!

    The photos are great!

  2. I see you were “roughing” it while you guys were sorting out stuff. Where is the hot tub? Seriously though I’m glad you guys got to get awy you deserved it.

  3. Oh, honeybunch-you’re using gel and a wide-toothes comb when your hair is wet and you are cutting wide swaths. When you don’t do that, no one can see your scalp. I think that was a big wind that came up just as I shot the photo. :)

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