Three-thirty-six in the morning

And the last of the Third Thursday Supper Club, my prayer partners and very faithful friends have just gone. 

Pearly-Q, Heather, Candi, Patrice, Amy Jo, Marilyn, me


Me, Marilyn, Pearl, Heather (seated in the middle), Amy Jo, Candi, Patrice

I will only say this, because it is late (early??) and I should go to bed, but having life-giving sister/friends is essential.  It is good.  And to be one is a great vocation.  I am working towards it.


Beer bread toast for breakfast…yum.

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Tredessa;  STYLING AND COUNSEL:  Stephanie and Stormie (aka MayDae!)  ALL OF US COORDINATING AND MATCHING SO MUCH?  Sheer coincidence and happy strangeness.  Words and effects by Jeanie

7 thoughts on “Three-thirty-six in the morning

  1. An amazing gift to be sure. To have a trusting friendship with WOMEN, is not something I ever thought I would have. Thankyou beautiful, trustworthy fun & fabulous friends & sisters-in-Christ.

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