The whole, ugly truth

There are people, very-very few of them, mind you, in this life, to whom you may reveal your worst, most awful, darkest, most terrifying faults and flaws; those to whom you can admit your defeats, defects, and deficiencies with total abandon.

They know how the enemy comes after your heart and your mind.  They study his tactic and assignment against you and start clearing a path.

They can know you are not only not perfect, but perfectly imperfect and even downright horrible.  They are aware that you have offended, embraced offense, struggled {absolutely warred}  to be both whole and holy and have accidentally and even on purpose screwed. it. up. time and again.  They know.

Yet they pray you up, bind your wounds, cheer you on and actually believe the best of you.  By the time you get to heaven, they will deserve a greater reward for making sure you got there and did not miss the great grace of God towards you.

They are not just friends.  They are sisters,: grace-filled covenant women who will go to the altar for mercy on your behalf.

If you’ve got them – you are blessed.  I am.  Undeserving.  But blessed.

Thank-you, Father, for the ones you have sent me…{they know who they are}.

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