Amelie Belle is three times the fun!

Happy Birthday, Belle-Baby, our little chin-dimpled Amelie-girl with the curly locks and impish smile!  You are 3 today!

Teeny-tiny little girl ~ you are bringing more joy each day you live.  You are sweet and funny and ornery and fast!  You are cunning and charming, too smart for your tiny britches, and can get into uproar faster than any of us can shake a stick, but o-my-goodness, when you pause to show your love, the earth melts away for the hugeness of it.

Until Baby Malakai came along, you were the family baby for such a long time.  And so-tiny you remained, it has been easy to forget how quickly you are growing up.  But when Kai-Kai came along, you became, overnight, a big girl, the sweet cousin to *kiss-kiss baby’s head and bring diapers and whisper sweet nothings to him.  Just think what a wonderful big sister you are about to be.

crafts with nonna

Amelie Belle ~ When I think of you, I think about how fast you are, how decided you are, how well you share your feelings and opinions in spite of being such a tiny thing, what a leader you are and how much you love singing {just like your Nonna did at your age!} and I also think about how long and sweet and intense your hugs are.

I will never forget when you came to kiss me goodbye the other night and you, without any coaxing from your momma or daddy said, “Thank-you for my cake, Nonna” in your ever-so-slightly sandy-voice, and you hugged me so tight and I never wanted to let go and if I hadn’t, I think you would have stayed.  It is what I love most about you – you are full-in, dedicated, committed and wholehearted in every single thing you do, including your love and affection.  I can’t always catch you, but when I can, it is wondrous.  I LOVE that about you!

THREE wishes for my Amelie on her 3rd Birthday:

1//  That the song of the Lord will grow in your heart and you’ll sing with angel-choirs when no one else knows and it will cause you to ever and always want to press in and worship the Lord and pursue His Presence.

2//  I wish for your hugs to bring healing and peace to people whose hearts are broken.  I am hoping for your lovely love to bless people and give them strength when they need it so.  Just like it has for me.

3//  MIddle-child wonderfulness: may you have it in abundance.  You are the filling in the sugar-and-spice sandwich now, and I know you are spicy and delicious enough to be seen!  You be a wonderful little sister and a splendid big sister and you will bless your mommy and daddy and please God, too.   OK?

I love you, Belle-Baby, my big-girl, now.  Nonna loves you and all your color and texture and wild beauty!  I love you! xxxooo


The Waltz of Amelie~

Dance, sweet girl, for your 3 sweet years!

And hey, Amelie- remember this???

A little blast from Amelie’s past.  :)

2 thoughts on “Amelie Belle is three times the fun!

  1. Absolutely lovely touching, and glorious to read. You are some wonderful family….The Rhodes! Anyone is blessed to have you in their lives. Your love is so beautiful. Your children are very fortunate, as are you! Love to you all!

  2. Happy Birthday to my sweet Amelie. As of late you always ask, “Where’s Papa” when you come in my house and it melts my heart. You are getting to be a Big Girl now and ripe with personality. I love you. And thank you, Honey for your descriptions, they were right on and made me cry. Amelie be blessed. Xxoo

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