Call the Midwife!

FAV new TV show!

Set in the 1950s (fabulous already, yes?), young nurse/midwives working with a houseful of old nuns on the east end of London.  You may catch season one episodes on Netflix or at this site:

Dave won’t be watching it with me.  I won’t say it has anything to do with being squeamish.  I just won’t say anything.  But I LOVE it!

Season 2 starts on Easter Sunday night on PBS.  Glory be!  :)

Watch Season 2 Preview on PBS. See more from Call the Midwife.

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Call the Midwife, written by Heidi Thomas and based on the best-selling memoirs of the late Jennifer Worth, returns for a second season. Nonnatus House opens its doors to warmly welcome the audience back into 1950s East End London and continues to follow Poplar’s community of exceptional midwives and nursing nuns.


Season 2 stays true to the show’s roots — viewers can expect to see more births, babies and bicycling, plus blossoming romance from an unexpected quarter.

Watch an episode and tell me what you think!  :)

2 thoughts on “Call the Midwife!

  1. I saw this title on Netflix the other day. Because you gave this great review, I watched an episode. Yes, I will watch all the episodes Netflix has to offer (6, I think). Sooo good…the setting, the time, acting, dialog, story, and especially the subject, BIRTH! Thank you.

  2. Oh, yay, Dawn! Of COURSE you love it with me! It is great – every single episode and I believe the new shows start on PBS this coming Sunday night!

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