Tents flying through the air, port-a-potties down!

The story goes that Carol Ann was leading worship in The Tent-Heaven Fest/88-hours of continuous worship, prayer and intercession, and as she was joyfully belting out her version of the Delirious song, “Rain Down,” rain it did!  The wind began to blow, the sky turned green and the downpour was torrential – no other word for it. 


The day was going well, main stage being set up, snow fencing installed, porta-potties lining the grounds

koris-318 koris-341

koris-345 koris-361

koris-321  koris-358

Back at the farm – quality work being done:

koris-363 Elise-the-Niece and Ste-with-an-“f”

Suddenly, with no warning, the rains came down as the floods came up

koris-369 koris-370

koris-371 koris-374



At almost the exact same moment, a hose broke in The Garage and was spewing water everywhere.

koris-378 Carol Ann got a little bit wet!

We will be cutting Carol Ann’s clothes – (yes, the very ones she is wearing in this picture and was wearing when she brought the rain), into squares and for just $29.95 you can get some of this anointed fabric and all your prayers will be answered!  (btw – j/k)

What in the ever-loving world?

The aftermath

koris-379 koris-385

koris-386 koris-389

this is what the bottom of port-a-potties look like apparently

koris-392 koris-393

the “brob” went down, too

It happened in the late afternoon (4:30??) and within minutes, the tireless volunteers were back out there cleaning up and righting all wrongs.

These people are amazing beyond belief!…Jeanie

2 thoughts on “Tents flying through the air, port-a-potties down!

  1. Oh that pic of the Brob makes me sad! It was really amazing how quickly everything got put back up!

    Thank you God for all of our awesome leaders and Volunteers!

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