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Tents flying through the air, port-a-potties down!

The story goes that Carol Ann was leading worship in The Tent-Heaven Fest/88-hours of continuous worship, prayer and intercession, and as she was joyfully belting out her version of the Delirious song, “Rain Down,” rain it did!  The wind began to blow, the sky turned green and the downpour was torrential – no other word for it. 


The day was going well, main stage being set up, snow fencing installed, porta-potties lining the grounds

koris-318 koris-341

koris-345 koris-361

koris-321  koris-358

Back at the farm – quality work being done:

koris-363 Elise-the-Niece and Ste-with-an-“f”

Suddenly, with no warning, the rains came down as the floods came up

koris-369 koris-370

koris-371 koris-374



At almost the exact same moment, a hose broke in The Garage and was spewing water everywhere.

koris-378 Carol Ann got a little bit wet!

We will be cutting Carol Ann’s clothes – (yes, the very ones she is wearing in this picture and was wearing when she brought the rain), into squares and for just $29.95 you can get some of this anointed fabric and all your prayers will be answered!  (btw – j/k)

What in the ever-loving world?

The aftermath

koris-379 koris-385

koris-386 koris-389

this is what the bottom of port-a-potties look like apparently

koris-392 koris-393

the “brob” went down, too

It happened in the late afternoon (4:30??) and within minutes, the tireless volunteers were back out there cleaning up and righting all wrongs.

These people are amazing beyond belief!…Jeanie

Just when you think you have it all together…

Over the weekend I looked around the yard at the wildly blooming lilies and pots full of colorful flowers.  I was happy to have harvested 5 more tomatoes along with lettuce, sugar snap peas and green beans.  The cukes were blooming their heads off and vining with big, full leaves; the zucchini and summer squash just birthing the first, small fruit.

I was thinking: nice.  Everything is in bloom and green and enjoyable with so little work from me right now.  All is well.  All is as it should be.

tomato-day-7-15-035 july-016 hf-supper-hail-aftermath-023

Loud tornado warning sirens and unexpected gusts of wind last night night changed all of that.  Two storms blew through with hail and torrential rain from 11 pm until the early hours this morning.

Very suddenly, things have changed.  Without warning there has been loss.  I looked around at the wreckage early this morning and I see that some things are gone.  Flowers petals were beat from their stems and litter the ground with green leaves.  Shrubs are flattened, but given time will likely pull themselves back up by their bootstraps.  But there is loss.  Some damage is too severe.   Some things will never recover.

hf-supper-hail-aftermath-098 hf-supper-hail-aftermath-101 

hf-supper-hail-aftermath-108  hf-supper-hail-aftermath-105 

Pictured above: the mowed-over hollyhocks, the battered elephant’s ear; I think the onions gave their lives for this volunteer marigold which is seemingly unscathed; and the pummeled lemon cucumbers.  Sad.

Though the fig tree does not bud
and there are no grapes on the vines,
though the olive crop fails
and the fields produce no food,
though there are no sheep in the pen
and no cattle in the stalls,

yet I will rejoice in the LORD,
I will be joyful in God my Savior.

Hab. 3.17, 18

 Some peppers plants are finished now, leafless.  But they provided protection to the plants to their right.  Dave’s mammoth grill gave some covering for some of the tomato plants and the herbs held up pretty well.  The things that will survive will be all the more treasured now, with greater gratefulness. 

Thank-You, LORD, for what remains.