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Snow Babies, part two

The weekend following Thanksgiving, I hung out with 5 giggly girls – and a bunch of snow ever-so-fortuitously dumped on us. A great excuse for hats and boots and mittens and Nonna snapping some pics!

snow babies

How perfect is this? Then…

snow babies amelie

Yesterday I shared Snow Babies, part one, with snapshots of 5 of my cherished grandbebes (Gavin, Hunter, Malakai, Evangeline and Oliver). Today the rest: Guinivere, Gemma, Averi, Amelie, and Bailey.   All pics snapped on the iPhone 6+

And as fate would have it, today is a major ***Snow Day***


Guini texted that she wanted to spend her snow day with me. How sweet is that? She’s 10. She came over for a few minutes, but actually formed a band with her brother and sister. Their dad posted a few seconds of their performance on Instagram and  3 hours later, it has 1100 likes. 


Guinivere looking so grown up and so much like her mommy. Wasn’t that just yesterday?

Bailey Bailey

Bailey-Baby, 2. She’s the little, but oh-so-powerful one.

Gemma Gemma  gemma

Gemma May is 8 1/2. She is all the colors!

Averi  averi averi

Averi. She turns 8 tomorrow! 


Amelie sent me voice memos saying, “FaceTime us, Nonna, we’re having a snow day!” That melts my heart!

amelie amelie

Amelie is 5 and was the ornery one. Snow was flying very which way. And she couldn’t quit giggling and incriminating herself.


bailey baby

A bonus picture of Bailey from craft time. We made Saint Lucia crowns.

It is a white out in the Denver area. I texted all my grandbebes and said, “Look out at that white, white snow. See how pure it looks? Well, that’s what Jesus’ blood does to our messy, ugly sin. He covers it and then we are WHITER, even, that this snow! Can you believe it?! Whiter than snow!

Psalm 51.7 “…wash me, and I will be whiter than snow”

Promise I’ll go easy on the grand-kid pictures for awhile.  But I am a Nonna. What are you gonna do? :)

Snow Day

This is Gavin in our yard a couple of days ago.


BTW-Gavin’s grandpa bought him a leaf-blower, an apparatus I have always spurned in favor of an old-fashioned rake.  But maybe I’ll end up actually liking it.  I know Gavin does.

This is the same yard today.

snow-day-157 snow-day-153

Pictured: left, from the front door (inside the house!); right, out the back sliding glass door (from inside the house!)


Early afternoon update: looks like we have about 6″ and they are saying it will double before it is over.  Other areas of the city already have 12″ or more.

Schools are closed.  Wal-Mart is full of frantic people buying  milk and toilet paper.  I called Tredessa to make sure she had everything she needed to be snowed in for 2 days (which is what they are “promising,”) and her reply was, “Yes.  I just got some movies.”  I laughed because I was more worried about food and she just wanted to be sure she had enough entertainment to get her through.  FYI, The Westword published a list of the best snowy movies to watch on a snowy day, which you can view here.


My main complaint.

snow-day-154 snow-day-2-010

Pictured: out the back door.

The weather guys are telling us to anticipate a crazy, snowy winter during this El Nino year.  Which is fine, but I am going to complain ahead of time that today is a beautiful, snowy-Christmasy-type-day and on Christmas, it will probably be 63-degrees and sunny, as it so often is in Denver in December.  I don’t have to like that.

snow-day-2-009 snow-day-2-012

My secondary complaint.

I just got back from 8 rainy days in Missouri.  I needed my Colorado sunshine!

I should just shut up about it.

snow-day-155 snow-day-156

Pictured: from the front porch (I actually stepped outside!)

I know.  I know.  Everyone else in the snowy-universe is thrilled.  Tredessa has her movies.  Everybody is making chili and Tara is baking her very first ever pumpkin pie from scratch (even baking her own pumpkins!).  So, the world is joyfully on hold, the kids are out of school, the snow continues and I will live.

1-3 Feet of Snow Possible according Denver’s Channel 7

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!


 We are snowed IN!  See the photos, a view from the living room window and our neighbor who has been shoveling out for hours – he is our hero!  Can you believe, even as we took this pic a few minutes ago, it is still snowing!? (See the ap news account here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061221/ap_on_re_us/snowstorm ) [no longer available]

I have heard varying amounts, but we know we’re well over 20 inches of snow, with the drifts in our yard being up to 4 feet high (the fences you see in the photo are 5 foot fences)!  Just a few days ago, Dave was Christmas shopping in a t-shirt and shorts.  That is Colorado!

Today our daughter, Stephanie, and her husband, Tristan, were to find out whether baby number three was a boy or girl, but even if they could get their front door opened, their car is buried somewhere out on Interstate 76, just east of Denver on the plains (city folk have no idea!). Tris didn’t get away from work quite early enough yesterday.  Yikes!

So, if you’re reading this from Colorado, here are a few things you can do today at home –

  • warm up with hot cocoa and re-read A Christmas Carol
  • “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear”
  • Eat plum pudding and mince pie
  • Stand under the mistletoe for extended periods of time – don’t leave until you get what you went there for
  • snack on Christmas treats (it doesn’t show signs of stopping – I hope you bought some corn for popping!)
  • shake a snowglobe
  • walk outside for 5 minutes and actually become a snow-person
  • go here for a smile: http://terrisfunny.com/xmasflash1/frosty.html (thanks to my brother, Joe)
  • And what a great day to have some fun with the kids.  Go to www.jesustreedecorations.com where you can download a free book and ornament print-outs to help teach the kids what Christmas really is all about!

May your days be merry and bright.  Blessings, Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Enjoy the snow as it falls like a blanket of grace from the sky and try to remember this blessing when our backs are aching from shoveling tomorrow and when cars splash us with muddy snow-slush this weekend at WalMart.