Snow Day

This is Gavin in our yard a couple of days ago.


BTW-Gavin’s grandpa bought him a leaf-blower, an apparatus I have always spurned in favor of an old-fashioned rake.  But maybe I’ll end up actually liking it.  I know Gavin does.

This is the same yard today.

snow-day-157 snow-day-153

Pictured: left, from the front door (inside the house!); right, out the back sliding glass door (from inside the house!)


Early afternoon update: looks like we have about 6″ and they are saying it will double before it is over.  Other areas of the city already have 12″ or more.

Schools are closed.  Wal-Mart is full of frantic people buying  milk and toilet paper.  I called Tredessa to make sure she had everything she needed to be snowed in for 2 days (which is what they are “promising,”) and her reply was, “Yes.  I just got some movies.”  I laughed because I was more worried about food and she just wanted to be sure she had enough entertainment to get her through.  FYI, The Westword published a list of the best snowy movies to watch on a snowy day, which you can view here.


My main complaint.

snow-day-154 snow-day-2-010

Pictured: out the back door.

The weather guys are telling us to anticipate a crazy, snowy winter during this El Nino year.  Which is fine, but I am going to complain ahead of time that today is a beautiful, snowy-Christmasy-type-day and on Christmas, it will probably be 63-degrees and sunny, as it so often is in Denver in December.  I don’t have to like that.

snow-day-2-009 snow-day-2-012

My secondary complaint.

I just got back from 8 rainy days in Missouri.  I needed my Colorado sunshine!

I should just shut up about it.

snow-day-155 snow-day-156

Pictured: from the front porch (I actually stepped outside!)

I know.  I know.  Everyone else in the snowy-universe is thrilled.  Tredessa has her movies.  Everybody is making chili and Tara is baking her very first ever pumpkin pie from scratch (even baking her own pumpkins!).  So, the world is joyfully on hold, the kids are out of school, the snow continues and I will live.

1-3 Feet of Snow Possible according Denver’s Channel 7

7 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. I too am not so thrilled about the snow. I hate driving in it. Steven still had school today but it is an early release day. Maybe he’ll get to stay home tomorrow. I just might make him. :)

    It’s a chili and cinnamon roll night for us! Yum!

  2. I’m glad to see you are back home. I thought you were flying home today and I was wondering if you were going to make it. Hope you had a great trip.

  3. And Stormie…is still at work. BLAST!
    I know the snow is not that bad right now, but why must I still be at work even EVERYONE I KNOW is off work or out of school today?!?!

    1. It won’t stay, Cheri. That is the little secret. It isn’t like in the midwest where it shows up and can stay for months. Come ahead. Move to the beautiful Rocky Mountain region!

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