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So this is coming up {APPLAUSE}

Dave has written another Christmas play.


And he is directing it.  And he is acting in it.  And so are other people related to me by blood.  And so are many of the cast from last year’s Merry Gentlemen ~ A Christmas in Mediocrity, but it is a whole new story and feel.  In fact, the infamous and ridiculously good-looking Bill Barrow (and he needs to be because he is married to the ravishing Candi), whose character has a much more expanded role in this show said,

bill barrow

Bill Barrow, himself

“Last year’s play was good.  It was really good.  But this year’s is fantastic.  It is so much better!”

Well, then!  Last year’s production was amazing.  REALLY good.  Two sold-out, standing-room-only nights of fun with live music and great acting.  So – wow, then…THIS YEAR will be even better!

It is slated for two performances, December 20 and 21 at Community of Faith in Broomfield (90 Emerald Street), which is sponsoring the whole shebang.


All I know about the story is what Dave will let me know until the performance:  It’s about a children’s pastor who has been assigned the task of putting together the church Christmas pageant even though he doesn’t really care for Christmas and doesn’t even really like children, either.  But poor Pastor Mike is stuck.  He is stuck with overbearing assistant directors, a Joseph who wears football pads, a little superhero who calls himself The Pigeon, a prima dona named Twinkle and a skate board riding redhead known as Dorito.  Can Pastor Mike pull it off without losing his sanity?

Well, here is the deal~~ it’s a Christmas story through and through, Christmas as in Jesus was born.  It’s written by a man who LOVES Christmas like crazy – so you know it will be Christmas-y in every good way.  And it is laugh-out-loud funny (I have this on good authority) and yet heartwarming, too.  There is great music (PLUS live music with Rocky Rhoades, Tris and Stephanie Kelley, Stormie Rhoades, and Dave and Tara Powers – which is worth a huge ticket price alone and I am not just saying that because they are my kids, hehe).  And, because it’s Christmas?  It has a little magic, too!  So COME ON people!  Soooooo worth the $5 ticket price!  BUY TICKETS online www.callbacktheater.com.

rocky, stephanie, tristan, stormie

powers family

Plus: check out the cute director.  I know him.  He is a talented writer and director.  And actor.  So come to JESUS, MARY and JOSEPH!    :)

dave rhoades

Omygosh…I JUST realized I sort of married my very favorite actor from the High Chapparal 1960s TV show…Manolito Montoya, of whom this website says:

manolito montoyamanolito

The classic 60s Western centered on The High Chaparral ranch in 1870s Arizona where Big John Cannon married Manolito’s sister…Manolito himself was a dashing rogue who’d rather make love to the local ladies than get involved in fighting. Read more here…

Um yeah-the actor’s actual name:  Henry Darrow?  Manolito to me!