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All you need is a seed

All you need is a seed.” – me

This is Kai. Age two. We walked around the park and he blew dandelion dead-heads and a great future for the yellow flowers into the air, again and again.

kai two blowing dandelions

We shall not discuss the merits (some might call them a bane) of the dandelion’s existence. I doubt one could argue the beauty of the yellowest yellow against green grass, nor dispute its’ place as the #1 child-to-mommy bouquet annually.

We just know that in its’ short life, it blooms pure yellow-happiness. Then dies. But the story isn’t over for the dandelion, oh no. The slightest breeze, a person shuffling by or an exuberant, puffing 2-year old can give the dried up ‘old dandee’ another chance. A lot of other chances, actually. The life is in the seed.

So don’t give up your day dream, as they say, even if it’s looking dead. Every possible chance for it to live again is in the shriveled, dried up grain of a plan, a hope, a heart’s wish. You never know who might come along and give you another chance, or even more. The life is in the seed. *poof!

Robbin’s Wedding is almost here


Robbin is getting married.  She is bold and bright, simple and playful, timeless and youthful. It will be crisp and clean with a nod to design from the graceful past.   She loves purple and yellow (dare I say “mimosa“??) and mason jars and field flowers. 

23-inches-by-32-inches 83509-product

And she is popular.  She is marrying Jake in front of family and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of friends.   There are massive amounts of thick white bridal satin going into the design.  White picture frames as small as 5″ x 7″ and as large as 6′ x 8′ (yes, 6-feet by 8-feet) will frame the love they share.  A giant frame “chandelier” will mark the dance floor, a la Anthropologie.

5155837dcd3ffa667d60 top 

I have lots of inspiration pictures.  We used to own a frame shop and I find I still love them.  All of us gathered our cast-off frames (so it is a “green” event as well) and the wedding will be simply picture perfect!  Here are a few of the images in the file.  Can’t wait to see how it will really turn out in a few days!

620frames20red20wall names2-copy

2689493980_9941ee43b3_o white-frames-de

flowers-in-mason-jarsimg0001 jar-flowers

familjen baroque-frame-final

names2royal_frames_lot26_d  flowers2 

goldpictureframes1-main_full frames080408

Paint a frame you have grown tired of.  You will love it all over again!…J