All you need is a seed

All you need is a seed.” – me

This is Kai. Age two. We walked around the park and he blew dandelion dead-heads and a great future for the yellow flowers into the air, again and again.

kai two blowing dandelions

We shall not discuss the merits (some might call them a bane) of the dandelion’s existence. I doubt one could argue the beauty of the yellowest yellow against green grass, nor dispute its’ place as the #1 child-to-mommy bouquet annually.

We just know that in its’ short life, it blooms pure yellow-happiness. Then dies. But the story isn’t over for the dandelion, oh no. The slightest breeze, a person shuffling by or an exuberant, puffing 2-year old can give the dried up ‘old dandee’ another chance. A lot of other chances, actually. The life is in the seed.

So don’t give up your day dream, as they say, even if it’s looking dead. Every possible chance for it to live again is in the shriveled, dried up grain of a plan, a hope, a heart’s wish. You never know who might come along and give you another chance, or even more. The life is in the seed. *poof!

7 thoughts on “All you need is a seed

  1. Incredible, Baby. Yes, wholeheartedly agree. We give up on ourselves and others too quickly. We squelch the divine plan that God has for us and listen to the voices of doubt and discouragement at times mirroring the voices of the accusers of our past, an ignorant teacher, an at-their-wits-end Sunday School teacher, an old boss and Job’s Comforter; all telling us to throw in the towel and give up; we’ll never amount to anything. But the seed is lying dormant, ready to burst forth at the slightest provocation of water and sunlight. Joseph waited 17 years before his promise of God came to fruition and then in an instant, bang! And he went from prison to the throne. When it was God’s time and that planted, dead seed that everyone gave up on, poked it’s head through the soil to face the sunlight! Good insight, Baby.

  2. This one is really sticking with me and I’ve come back to read it over and over. It applies to so much in my life and the idea that I need to keep planting those seeds, over and over again. In time, I have to believe those seeds will take. Thanks beautiful Sharer and Inspirer.

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