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No fake-canvas-Impressionist prints were harmed in the making of this chalkboard

I Robin-ized something!

4 or 5 years ago, I decided on a chalkboard for the kitchen.  I use it to write scriptures or birthday greetings, and occasionally a to-do list love note for Dave.  So, I purchased one, cut the size to get a more unique-than-your-basic-office sized board and Dave put a thicker, aged wood frame on it.  I have never liked it.  Not only boring in looks, the board itself stunk at holding the chalk lines.  It is some sort of plastic-y coating and never worked well.

Enter the sister-in-law.  She buys old fake oil-paintings in interesting and pretty frames, paints over the print with chalkboard paint and voila!  A nice chalk-holding surface that has some age and interest to it.  You know this has been the year of the chalkboard-painted-stuff quest for me:  here or here or here or even here!

One day last week I decided it was time to make the change.  And, as if a sign from the heavens that yes!  this is the time! –  Stephanie-the-daughter brings in an old (late 50s or early 60s?) fake-oil Renoir in a very fussy (antique white with a goldish glaze) frame.  Her neighbor gave it to her and she mostly took it to be kind, but it was perfect for my plan!

Here is how…

I took the frame and print apart and washed everything.  I lightly sanded and used de-glosser on them (btw-I painted the back of the picture so that if someday, some one comes along who is mortified that I should have treated this piece so, they may switch it back around and enjoy their fake-oil-painted-fake-canvas art – I am thoughtful that way) and then dug in.  I painted 2 generous coats of the chalkboard paint on the board (which Robin assures me is sufficient).  Then I spray-primed the frame and painted two coats of white satin latex paint on the frame with a trim brush.



These photos make the painting look pretty brilliant, but it is actually rather subdued in color, dusty looking.

early-may-021 early-may-022 early-may-024 early-may-2-012



Honestly, I had trouble actually using chalk on it at first.  I loved the black blackboard contrasting the white white of the frame, but you have to rub a piece of chalk over the whole thing to “prime” it for use.  Once that is done, you may proceed happily.  I thought the scripture appropriate for the occasion!

pics-077  pics-081 

pics-078 pics-084

I don’t neglect the old chalkboard (again with the thoughtfulness)…

Meanwhile, I rubbed an engine-red coat of paint onto the frame of the old chalkboard, allowing the wood grain to still show through a bit; sanded and re-painted the actual board for better chalk-holdage and now the grand-bebes may enjoy chalking on it to their heart’s delight, as always…but better.  It now looks very vintage, which I always wanted anyway.  Very Pottery Barn.

 pics-103 pics-105

The area of the new board is almost half of the last one, but what I lose in space, I have gained in something I like much better…for now.  I really had a secret desire to paint the frame glossy-enamel mimosa, but that would have required re-painting the entire kitchen.  Dave frowns on that sort of impetuous thinking.

This is what I did when the sun showed back up…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  make everyone I know a unique and adorable chalkboard…just kidding…maybe…or not…

pictured: some “befores,” some “afters” (including the actual print facing the back – to prove I didn’t harm the fake oil)and Hunter outside writing on the “new” old chalkboard.

Chalk Talk

I can’t help it – I am finding more and more chalk stuff.  This post, as opposed to the one here (mostly about kitchen and dining areas) and the one here (dealing with lots of different spaces in a house) is about some smaller-type-project ideas.  These are do-able little things that people are apparently…doing.  It just seems fun, so here are a few bits of inspiration for you…

It is all about gardening and seedlings right now (what?  you don’t have seedlings on the windowsill yet?!?…tsk!):

picture110 picture21

Recycling old jars for the pantry and 101 uses for small terra cotta planters:

picture51 picture41

Maybe a game tray for family night?  PVC pipe napkin rings?

picture71 picture101

Give me the world! 

LOVE this!  There are those world globes which are outdated, but not old enough to be antique.  Those would be great candidates for this treatment.  I like the traveling “wish list.”  Someday~Tuscany, the Provence, Spain, Greece, Fiji…

picture141 picture61

A cabinet and an orb from nature…

picture31 picture91

A recycling box and some chalkboard-on-burlap tags:

picture151 picture131

See those same chalkboard tags on some baskets?

And, on the right, a better look at the tags on the baskets in the cabinets.  These kitchen cabinets, btw, were originally builders-basic honey oak cabinetry which the homeowner painted black.  Good thinking!

picture111 picture121

And now, a bonus~

This is a really cool dining room I just found and L-O-V-E!!!  I love the candle-chandelier, the numbers on the back of the chairs, the toile and of course, the blackboard.  And some beautiful flowering bulbs which remind us to “bloom!”

heatherdining-room picture82

I still haven’t opened my can of blackboard paint, though.  What if I find something better??

Until next time…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Courage.  Have courage.

Chalk it Up

Carol Ann has a blackboard-door in her kitchen.  I have always loved it.  My sister-in-law, Robin, is famous for her re-purposed art-to-board chalkboards.  I just have a little store-bought chalkboard I sometimes write scriptures on, or birthday greetings for the fam.  It  is NOT a good one at all. (pictured below: Carol Ann’s, one of Robin’s and mine after Stormie’s accident last fall)

house_015_sized home-002 fall-002

I have planned on buying a can of chalkboard paint from WalMart for like – 5 years, at least, to have something more interesting than the board I have.  So, I went ahead and bought a can for $8.98 and told Tara I thought I had an original and brilliant idea: to chalkboard-paint the base of our kitchen breakfast counter so the grand-bebe’s could sit on the floor and do artwork for me.  I had never seen anything like it….UNTIL I decided to google “chalkboard paint ideas” and omygoodness – people have beat me to it. Figures.

Meanwhile, I also found some other kitchen designs with chalkboard paint.  There is crazy stuff out there!

Here are the 2 breakfast counters I found (which I really thought was MY idea!!).

kitchen-chalk-1 kitchen-chalk-2

There is a chalkboard-fridge thing going on.  I don’t know if I could do this!??  Maaaaaaybe on the wall around it, though?

kitchen-chalk-13 kitchen-chalk-11 kitchen-chalk-12

This cabinet is pristine.  Would you be eating chalkdust if you wrote on placemats?  The plate thing?  Pretty easily do-able.  I just saw this very plate at WalMart for less than $3.  Paint the middle, plop it on a cookbook stand and voila!

kitchen-chalk-14 kitchen-chalk-10 kitchen-chalk-8

Here are some cute ideas – pantry doors, doorway, shelves and backsplash:

kitchen-chalk-4 kitchen-chalk-3

kitchen-chalk-7  kitchen-chalk-6

How cute are these rooms??  But the kids already have to remind me to write the birthday message before people arrive.  Ha!  I can’t imagine what would happen if I had to have all sorts of clever script on entire walls!

kitchen-chalk-15 kitchen-chalk-9 kitchen-chalk-5

This, though, is my absolute FAVORITE!  Why?  Because: clean, modern cooking/eating area.  Woods floors, creativity and art on top of the pantry.  The heavy-duty industrial warehouse doors that slide to hide the pantry as needed.  Whimsy.  The old with the new.  Is that enough reason to adore it?!?  What am I doing in suburbia?


Will one can of chalkboard paint even be enough?…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Start painting before Dave sees this post!