Chalk Talk

I can’t help it – I am finding more and more chalk stuff.  This post, as opposed to the one here (mostly about kitchen and dining areas) and the one here (dealing with lots of different spaces in a house) is about some smaller-type-project ideas.  These are do-able little things that people are apparently…doing.  It just seems fun, so here are a few bits of inspiration for you…

It is all about gardening and seedlings right now (what?  you don’t have seedlings on the windowsill yet?!?…tsk!):

picture110 picture21

Recycling old jars for the pantry and 101 uses for small terra cotta planters:

picture51 picture41

Maybe a game tray for family night?  PVC pipe napkin rings?

picture71 picture101

Give me the world! 

LOVE this!  There are those world globes which are outdated, but not old enough to be antique.  Those would be great candidates for this treatment.  I like the traveling “wish list.”  Someday~Tuscany, the Provence, Spain, Greece, Fiji…

picture141 picture61

A cabinet and an orb from nature…

picture31 picture91

A recycling box and some chalkboard-on-burlap tags:

picture151 picture131

See those same chalkboard tags on some baskets?

And, on the right, a better look at the tags on the baskets in the cabinets.  These kitchen cabinets, btw, were originally builders-basic honey oak cabinetry which the homeowner painted black.  Good thinking!

picture111 picture121

And now, a bonus~

This is a really cool dining room I just found and L-O-V-E!!!  I love the candle-chandelier, the numbers on the back of the chairs, the toile and of course, the blackboard.  And some beautiful flowering bulbs which remind us to “bloom!”

heatherdining-room picture82

I still haven’t opened my can of blackboard paint, though.  What if I find something better??

Until next time…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Courage.  Have courage.

5 thoughts on “Chalk Talk

  1. Just love it! I made some tags for baskets last year for Christmas gifts. Just cut wood into small rectangles and drilled a hole on top. Sprayed with chalkboard paint and put a piece of twine for the tie. Loved them.

    Is it too late to start some planting of seeds into pots? I really want to be a good gardener but I know nothing.

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