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Scenes from a good summer ~ Heaven Fest


An Ode to Summer, for I will not to acknowledge a  fall which does not truly begin until the Autumnal Equinox, on the 22nd day of this month sometime in the afternoon.  Yes,  the nights are cooler, some mornings even crisp.  And it may seem the summer is past.  But I must sing of my love for the summer until the last verse fades softly…

In summer, the song sings itself.”  ~William Carlos Williams

The evening skies are amazing.

The summer night is like a perfection of thought.”  ~Wallace Stevens

At Heaven Fest this year, we had THE perfect sunny summer morning.  Then late afternoon clouds which morphed into an electrical storm in the offing.  There was supposed to be rain, but lightening just surrounded us instead and gave us the coolest breeze and light show ever!


www.skateministry.org  Uriel!


The screen is bigger than it looks!


Early in the day.



 Skillet is so cool!



23,000 people showed up.




The hip-hop stage was so awesome!  It was packed all day long and there was amazing worship going up!



 “Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”  ~Sam Keen.  This quote has absolutely nothing to do with Heaven Fest, not at least until it’s OVER!


Every stage had a chaplain/minister who prayed with all the bands.  John Burgess is leading it here!



We had a Kidz Area this year: petting zoo, face painting, jumpy-things and even a worship stage they could play at.  It was so much fun!


We never want to chintz on the port-a-potties, and we never shall.


Kent Henry was here!  What an honor!

andy-garcia-kent-henry-me-080809 img_05411

My sweet-peeps, Andy and Leah Garcia, made this shot possible right after Kent and his kids had led us into some deep worship.  Andy set it up and Leah took the shot.  Thank-you, friends!

Kent Henry is not only my all-time favorite worship leader, he was the one I raised my kids on.  Heaven Fest being what it is is due, in no small part, to the worship influence my “tribe” was nurtured on as they were growing up.  Having Kent attend, teach, lead worship and pray over my kids was the honor of a lifetime.  His influence on Heaven Fest is undeniable, whether he is here or not, but it sure was cool to have him come and see the impact his life and ministry are still making on my family and through my childrens’ lives.  Talk about legacy!

The nameless/faceless band at The Sacred Assembly – it was a breathtaking time in the Presence!


What a summer!  I get to work with 100 other people who lead this deal and it is such a privilege to get to do this thing!  In November we told the Lord yes, in February we started the fundraising, permitting and all sorts of logistical.  By the time summer comes, we are literally surrounded by the world’s most amazing people, walking it out with them.  I love Heaven Fest!  LOVE it!


Wanna see about 8000 more pictures?

Tons more photos and youtube videos we found can be seen on www.heavenfest.com. You’ll feel like you were there, if you weren’t, and will re-live the thrill if you were!