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Heaven on Earth

Rock-man and Proxy


Resurrection Fellowship (www.rez.org) does Christmas great.  The “Christmas Letters” are really good, old-fashioned testimonies and very touching!  Great orchestra, dancers from adults down to 24″ tall, an orchestra, a choir – they do it all.

Rocky invited the wonderful Lewis “Proxy” Brown to sing on his song.  It was great.  Oh, and I didn’t know all the guys with the silver trash cans, but the amazing SETHRY CONNOR was one!  :)  Hi, Sethry!

I was here.  At Rez, in church.  This morning.

Just 16 days until the first day of Christmas.  :)

PS – If you have Apple TV, you can watch my Youtube channel: wholehearteddevotion (all one word).  Go, enjoy!