Stormie Extreme


Stormie won the t-shirt design contest for Extreme Community Makeover-Denver.  She did a “paint effect” background with a paint brush look coloring in the Denver skyline.

Extreme Community Makeover ( is a cool non-profit birthed out of Confluence  (Tredessa’s day ministry) that has beautified and blessed families in the city.

Yay for Stormie!  Good job, sweetie pie. 

7 thoughts on “Stormie Extreme

  1. No surprise there! We love having such a talented graphic designer in the fam….just ask Stormie.

  2. This was soooo cool, not suprising to me either, because I know my little Storm’s talents but cool none the less. You are a hidden gem Storm…
    Shine on!

  3. Stormie Day Rhoades!!! Way cool! I love how it goes from the dim of black and white to color. What a talented young woman!

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