Fluffy Fella


We had a full-on blizzard last Thursday and woke up to a short one Monday morning.  Spotted on the Power’s lawn Monday afternoon (but all gone by our warm and sunny day today, I am sure, as all the snow seems to be),  was Festy-the-Heaven-Fest-Snowman.

Get to know Festy better at the Heaven Fest website: www.heavenfest.com

PS – It is pretty funny how almost giddy and joyful everyone was about last Thursday’s blizzard compared to the general moaniness of Monday morning’s quickly passing snowfall.  It has turned to utter disgust for the one forcasted for later today and the one being predicted for Saturday.  How quickly sledding becomes passe when the calendar says “April.”

1 thought on “Fluffy Fella

  1. Cute, I seem to recall another snowman from Target when I worked there, Snowden.
    Which was the stupidest name for a snowman ever!
    I like Festy much better.

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