Dave’s Money-Saving Tip

In these challenging economic times, it seems there is a free-flow of tips and tricks on the news and in the magazines about how to be frugal and save money.

I was telling Dave how a women’s magazine writer had spent two or three paragraphs telling how she saved $2 a week by having her high school daughter take her lunch instead of buying it one day a week during the school year and how ridiculous I thought it was that they wasted good paper and ink to even print such a lengthy and lame “tip.”   C’mon-you’re a novice if saving two bucks a week is a revelation to you.  I can think of 101 ways to save $2 a week (which would give you a total saving of $202, btw).  What a lightweight. {insert smirk here}  Thank goodness the magazine was given to me free.

Dave (apparently ignoring my sarcasm) responds, “I can save $38.75 a year by getting your books back to the library on time.”

Because I never do.

But I also see it as a contribution to the library and a good-citizen-type thing to do.



image: google (I would NOT have a cat book…)

9 thoughts on “Dave’s Money-Saving Tip

  1. Here’s a few more suggestions on saving money…

    1. Always ask for packets of parmesan cheese when you are picking up your pizza, then you can go home and open them and replenish your Kraft Parmesan and no one will know the difference.
    2. Always pick up your pizza rather than delivery, then on your reciept when you swipe your Visa, in the tip area you can put a big fat O because you picked it up! Why tip them when you hauled your buns out of your warm house and did all the work????
    3. Always ask for extra napkins at the drive through, after a while you will have your own set of monogramed paper linens piled in the cupboard so when guests come over they can be impressed that your napkins are labeled with a big letter M that looks like a pair of arches.
    4. Buy 40 watt bulbs, you don’t read that much anyway.
    5. Buy cookies from the dollar store, Partridge Farms is just as good as Pepperidge.
    6. Pull in close to the gas pump and when the guy gets back in his car to wait for it to fill, slip it out of his tank for a minute and into yours, then replace it before he gets done listening to Rush Limbaugh’s commentary.
    7. Water your grass with your neighbor’s hose.
    8. Always scan everything at Walmart if it’s on the clearance rack, if it’s cheap, go to the shelf and get all the items that are the same and then you can get 25 jars of Pace Picante for $1.00 instead of 2.
    9. Watch the cash register and if it rings up the wrong price, prove them wrong and get it for free.
    10. Buy really good shoes on clearance at DSW shoe warehouse and wear them for 3 years.

  2. JEANIE! I knew we were kindred spirits! I soooooo struggle with returning library books…I don’t even know why…it just happens…they just don’t make it back on time. In July of last year, Brighton sent me a notice asking me to pay for the books that I had checked out in NOVEMBER! Come on! I just needed a few more days! :) I like Dave’s list…I think he and Wrexy think A LOT alike…LOVE YOU BOTH!

  3. By the way…one of your books is checked out under my name. Make sure you finish that because I WILL be taking it back on time:)

  4. Haha! You know what though? I recently had a 5 dollar fine with Rangeview libraries and they said they aren’t charging late fees anymore. They completely waived it because she said that they aren’t charging them anymore. A little dangerous with people like me, but hey- I’ll take it! :)

    1. Veeeeeery interesting. We probably didn’t know that because Dave and Stormie both nag me about it all the time. Stormie just emailed me today to remind me that a certain book is due back one week from today. Because, that is how I save money: ask them to put it on their cards…hehehhehe(evil laugh)

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