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Dave’s Money-Saving Tip

In these challenging economic times, it seems there is a free-flow of tips and tricks on the news and in the magazines about how to be frugal and save money.

I was telling Dave how a women’s magazine writer had spent two or three paragraphs telling how she saved $2 a week by having her high school daughter take her lunch instead of buying it one day a week during the school year and how ridiculous I thought it was that they wasted good paper and ink to even print such a lengthy and lame “tip.”   C’mon-you’re a novice if saving two bucks a week is a revelation to you.  I can think of 101 ways to save $2 a week (which would give you a total saving of $202, btw).  What a lightweight. {insert smirk here}  Thank goodness the magazine was given to me free.

Dave (apparently ignoring my sarcasm) responds, “I can save $38.75 a year by getting your books back to the library on time.”

Because I never do.

But I also see it as a contribution to the library and a good-citizen-type thing to do.



image: google (I would NOT have a cat book…)