{sniff sniff} Altar is out

Dave’s book did not make the top three for the final leg of the Marcher Lord Press competition.*  {sad, sad, sad}



for voting and cheering him on

and getting the word out

about it.

The funny thing is that a lot of the “hits” he got on the message boards were criticisms of things the publisher had made him do to make the book more “sellable” when in fact, his original work was probably more powerful, at least according to the dozen or so of us who’d read it.  He’ll probably change some things back now and look for another route.

Spoiler alert.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it is an action-packed story with loveable characters, engaging dialogue and some major demon-butt-kicking that culminates in a very tender and personal-to-Dave theme of familial affection.  Someday, soon, we hope, you will get to read it: Dave’s first novel, Altar (formerly known as Between the Altar and the Darkness, which the publisher also suggested he change).

*Dave’s and another book tied for the next place, just about 10 votes shy of making the top 3…

2 thoughts on “{sniff sniff} Altar is out

  1. Yes, but alas I have no one to blame but myself for stumbling into Room 3 of American Idol instead of Room 2. Simon, Paula Kara and Randy sauntered in and lopped me off at the knees telling me after millions of adoring fans had pounded their keypads to vote, that I was 23 clicks shy of winning the Danny Gokey glasses!
    Thanks to all of you who toiled through the tangle of website foliage and underbrush of vague menus to finally emerge on the other side to check mark the Altar box. The rub of it is, that if someone asked, I actually had them choose two of the ones that won! If they hadn’t have listened to me, or if I hadn’t have suggested… well, that is a discussion for another time.
    Thank you all so much.
    Altar is my first book.
    I am on my third. (not sequels) although I do have about 180 pages of the sequel to Altar complete.
    So I am pursuing other aspects to get the thing in print.
    Altar will be back!
    Gosh, I sound like those losers on AI that scream at the cameras on their way out of the hotel that they WILL be the next Americian Idol and that Simon can kiss their…

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