Blue Christmas in only 10 Days!

Martina and Elvis.

Martina McBride got to sing with Elvis – just last year!  Lucky girl.  I want to sing with some one!  Isn’t technology cool?  Someday all of us will be able to super-impose ourselves into videos and movies from our Droids or something.

elvis-blue elvis-and-martina

Youtube didn’t let me imbed this video, but you can reach it by this link (watch-really!):

Love Martina’s dress!  And Elvis?  Glistens!  Dang, that guy was cute!  Reminds you why he is, you know, the king!…

Dolly and Kenny.

It got me to wondering how many other songs now mention Christmas being “blue”?  I remembered Kenny and Dolly on one of my favorite TV Christmas specials ever with Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, 1984.  I still play this soundtrack every year and just did so during Baking Day!

Now ~ what other songs have something in them about Christmas being blue, or something blue related to Christmas???  I know there are more!

Lisa B.


You can’t tell it here, but these tags all have a very fine sparkle to them – handpainted by my most wonderful-artistic-amazing-friend, Lisa Bierer, who has seen me through my worst of times and rejoiced with me through my best for 20 years, almost!  As if I would put these on gifts and give them away?!?  Never!

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