9-Day Christmas Countdown from the Cubicle

Stormie and Amber-i like to give their workspace a personal touch.

When you are creative and colorful and you are forced to work in a beige-windowless-cube-filled work space with a bunch of odds and ends people, it is no wonder you look for any and all reasons to cheer up the ol’ cubicle during Christmas!  The lighting is bad, but you can see that Amber and Stormie had their fun being decorative and merry!

under-shelf stormies-mobile-2

There is Stormie’s modèrne garland. 

 img_6458 the-whole-cubicle

This is where Stormie spends lots of hours making sure the billboards you see all over the country are quite attractive and high-quality in color!

Stormie made a mobile from scraps using a snowflake as the topper.  And has a big paper star over her desk.

sstormies-mobile snowflake-over-stormies-desk

There’s Amber-i’s fancy snowflakes!  And her room-view.

ambers-scrapbook-paper-snowflakes img_6462

They are so sweet, Stormie and Amber.  They keep mini-candy canes and lots of chocoltae candy around for visitors who drop by.  They are sweet hostesses.  Right there in the windowless cubicle.

The tree is festooned with finger-knitted string garland (which is what Stephanie Kelley, my other uber-creative daughter put all over her large tree at home: finger knitting!  It is all the rage!)

tree img_6459

But the pièce-de-résistance?  The merriest part of it all?  Oh yeah, baby~



Edward, ready for Christmas!  Q:  Edward looking at you from his spot between the keyboard and the monitor?  Or Edward on a bed of tinsel garland??

What did you do to your work-space???

SEE AMBER’S beautiful designs for GIFTS!

8 thoughts on “9-Day Christmas Countdown from the Cubicle

  1. Haha when I got to “the piece-de-resistance?” part I seriously was thinking…”What? What is it?!”…even though I JUST sent you those pictures this morning, I forgot that I had not yet seen Edward in the post…aww yes, my amazing Santa hat made lovingly with red felt and cotton balls…truly the most creative part of the cubicle if I do say so myself(and I do:) And everyone, PLEASE DO visit Amber’s site and buy some jewelry…she is amazing! :)

  2. Though Stormies pictures turned out great, the real “cozy” feeling is in person, we always love visitors and since we were a little late decorating this year (we started before Thanksgiving last year) we plan to have these decorations up till at least June. ;) Thanks for the website support, you are great!

  3. It looks SO good! I didn’t know you did finger knitting for your tree there! I was totally going to make some of those paper ornaments off of DS*!!! You beat me to it:)

  4. YES! Elfing the garage would be fun! I was at Target the other day and they had snow flakes hanging. I told Bry that would be cool in the garage.

  5. Down with Jacob! Long live Edward!! :)
    Oh and I actually saw the ornament garland on etsy and figured out how to make them…only realizing a couple days later the tutorial was on DS*:)

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