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9-Day Christmas Countdown from the Cubicle

Stormie and Amber-i like to give their workspace a personal touch.

When you are creative and colorful and you are forced to work in a beige-windowless-cube-filled work space with a bunch of odds and ends people, it is no wonder you look for any and all reasons to cheer up the ol’ cubicle during Christmas!  The lighting is bad, but you can see that Amber and Stormie had their fun being decorative and merry!

under-shelf stormies-mobile-2

There is Stormie’s modèrne garland. 

 img_6458 the-whole-cubicle

This is where Stormie spends lots of hours making sure the billboards you see all over the country are quite attractive and high-quality in color!

Stormie made a mobile from scraps using a snowflake as the topper.  And has a big paper star over her desk.

sstormies-mobile snowflake-over-stormies-desk

There’s Amber-i’s fancy snowflakes!  And her room-view.

ambers-scrapbook-paper-snowflakes img_6462

They are so sweet, Stormie and Amber.  They keep mini-candy canes and lots of chocoltae candy around for visitors who drop by.  They are sweet hostesses.  Right there in the windowless cubicle.

The tree is festooned with finger-knitted string garland (which is what Stephanie Kelley, my other uber-creative daughter put all over her large tree at home: finger knitting!  It is all the rage!)

tree img_6459

But the pièce-de-résistance?  The merriest part of it all?  Oh yeah, baby~



Edward, ready for Christmas!  Q:  Edward looking at you from his spot between the keyboard and the monitor?  Or Edward on a bed of tinsel garland??

What did you do to your work-space???

SEE AMBER’S beautiful designs for GIFTS!

I was Twi-lighted

My girls flipped over the movie (I can’t even tell you how many times they saw it collectively) and then madly read all the books.   When the DVD was released yesterday, we had to re-arrange furniture, black out windows and generally cease from all other activity to watch Twilight.  Dave punched his hair up with product and put some of my foundation on (I am apparently paler) and some plum eye shadow under his eyes and mugged for the camera to make the girls laugh.  And we watched it with the girls (including Elise-the-Niece and Stef-with-an-f).

It is about vampires.  It is not a romance.  It is a love story (there is a difference).  It is also for much younger women than me, but I did enjoy the the line from Edward: Your scent is like a drug to me – like my own personal brand of heroin.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to evoke that kind of passion?  Elise happened to be wearing a t-shirt with the same quote.

march-twilight-09-006 march-twilight-09-011

We kiddingly declared it another in a series of Dave’s birthday celebrations.  So, I finally saw it.  I was Twilighted.

NOTE:  Dave turns 50 tomorrow!  May I just say thanks to the Kansas farm girl who gave birth and let him go?  Thank-you for your courage and for doing the right thing.