Sandy Made Her Debut!

The scraggly family mutt who was abandoned at the landfill years ago to run wild and fear her own shadow, the trembling pile of fur we drug home, intent on saving whether she wanted us or not, and named “Sandy” after the dog from the Broadway play and the 1982 movie, “Annie,” has come full circle. 

Yes.  Sandy-the-Dog played Sandy-the-Dog in Prairie Playhouse’s production of “Annie,”  at tonight’s OPENING NIGHT!!!  What frolic or mayhem could have occurred did not.  Though I feared the worst, Sandy’s performance was flawless.  She did it!  She stayed close to “Annie,” she obeyed the commands to “sit” and “stay” until beckoned by Annie.  Sandy was amazing.

Dave was, too!  It is a GREAT show!

I wonder if my two stage stars will be hard to live with now?

You may purchase tickets at the door for $7.  Visit

Tredessa took a phone-pic of her ticket on opening night

One of many articles with pictures making all the local papers…

2 thoughts on “Sandy Made Her Debut!

  1. Awww, I have always been amazed at how awesome, talented, and creative your kids are, and now I learn, even my neice-dog! What a GOOD GIRL she is! She deserves some people food! :0) And I’m sure Dave is totally wearing his part out (in a good way). Wish I could see it. You MUST have it on video at our next gathering!

  2. Yay Sandy! I am so glad she is doing so well with it…just have to say Dad and I had faith in her from Day 1:) I can’t wait to see her in action for a live performance! :)

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