“The hair is the richest ornament of women.” -Martin Luther

The Martin Luther quote?  Yikes.  This could not be worse news.

Hair cut this week.  Actually left the shop pretty OK with it.  Unusual…  Ready to color, early before meetings.  Reeeeeally didn’t feel like going to Sally’s to buy the dye.  Look under the sink and find a red I hadn’t used in some time.  What a happy surprise.  I don’t even remember having this!  L’Oreal’s Mega-Reds, Intense Copper Red.  It is almost, but not quite full. 

Bingo!  There’s enough.  I’ll use it.  No muss, no fuss.

While mixing with the developer, it seems odd.  But I proceed.  I plaster, cover, go about my business.

Time to rinse.  The water runs off looking reddish enough, but not all that intense.  I pay no attention.  I wrap my head in a towel and gather things I’ll need for the office.

Time to blow dry.  Hmmm…does look intense, after all…dark.  I am humming, not bothering to look into a mirror as I dry, until the end.  Suddenly, my very own Brady-bunch-type-hair-dye-crazy-disaster-sit-com-moment.

What the…??  It is reddish brown in spots, grayish brown in others, dark brown in some and almost black in parts.  It is NOT. what. I. was. expecting.  Not at all. 

Should have looked like this, all over:



It really is worse than you can tell here.  Hard-to-believe, but true.

As I shrieked, “What on earth?!?”  Guini assurred me: “It’s OK, Nonna.  It’s gonna be alright.”  And it will…unless I am seen in broad daylight.  In a dark room, sure.  Fine.

Dave says he likes it, shrugs it off and tells me this is what happens with so many daughters running a hair chemistry lab around here all the time (and they all claim total innocence and say it was probably expired and my own fault).

{sigh} I will have to find a way to fix it so all of my “richest ornament” does not fall out.  Or I can become very nocturnal.

8 thoughts on ““The hair is the richest ornament of women.” -Martin Luther

  1. I LOVE YOU! From the woman who has only colored her hair a total of maybe 3 times in her life, I would just die. Seriously, I would meet Jesus face to face. Please Jesus, do not give me more than I can handle… The pictures look good, great actually, I will have to see it in person before I can say more…

  2. You, with dark hair, resemble a recent picture you posted of Stormie. Your blue eyes really stand out! And your face looks thinner ;)

  3. Had a friend who did that once, but she had bright purple spots where it didn’t take on her gray hair. She had to get it professionally done and they had to dye it black to cover the purple!

  4. Actually my Sweet~~~I think youlook real cute in your new hair do.! I can’t really tell that it’s all different colors….as you described….
    You just look beautiful~~~as you always have.! Hope you’re spacing out all your hours of work and activities~~~Don’t want you to collapse….at any point~~in this lifetime. I love you Baby~~~~Mom

  5. Dawn’s right, you really do look like Stormie in those pics. From the pictures your hair looks fine. If you want, though, my mom is amazing at fixing color and cut mix-ups. Shoot me an email if you want her number. I still think it looks just fine, though.

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