Opening Night!

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Brighton’s own Broadway {off, off, off, off, off, off Broadway, anyway…}

It starts tonight!  10 performances over the next month where Dave will play Daddy Warbucks and Sandy-the-family-dog will play her actual Annie-inspired namesake, Sandy-the-dog, onstage.   Dave auditioned in October for this role and it has finally arrived.  It is going to be so cool!  I can’t wait!  Besdies my husband and my dog, my antique desk and chair will be onstage, my Christmas tree, a certain piece of illegal weaponry and various other props will make an appearance, compliments of our house.  Yet, I still have to pay to get in.  {shaking my head}  I mean, who do you have to sleep with to get a free ticket around here??? 


Rhoades Family Trivia~

Q:  How many times did the Rhoades kids watch the “Annie” movie during their growing up years?


A:  8362 times.  Minimum.  Every cassette or videotaped recording of our kids at anytime between 1984 and 2007 include, at some point, some rendition of some song or another from the musical “Annie.”  True story.

Note to the Rhoades-kids originals:

Watch the first scene with little orphan Annie.  Hear her words and feel her heart and you will understand a little something more about your own dad’s story as a kid who was adopted.

In other DAVE NEWS:

Dave will be part of the faculty for the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference in May at Estes Park.  Scroll down.  You can read all about him.

I cannot resist:

It is possibly going to snow a little bit today.  So, I can’t seem to stop myself from singing:


7 thoughts on “Opening Night!

  1. Break a leg, dad! I’m so proud of your determination with these plays and can’t wait to come see you tonight! You are a contradiction….the man who is usually found at home with at least one family member and is content to just be silent TOGETHER and here you are, on stage, ranting and raving at a redhead in song in front of people you don’t know. I know you’ll do awesome and I love seeing you come alive like this. I love you and hope you know that you’re orphaned no further with so much family around you who loves you, supports you and needs you! Love you! See you tonight!

  2. I’m SO excited to see Annie on Saturday night!!! I know it will be great, and I know you will be AWESOME Dad!

    I love you! :)

  3. Dave, I love what you’re doing with your hair these days…man- here is a totally awesome idea for you…why don’t you grow it back mohawk style when you’re done with the play? That would be totally rockin’ man!

  4. Dad, I am very excited to come to the play. You will be the best Daddy warbucks EVER!!!! I love you and I’ll see you on Saturday!

  5. I am so excited to go see this play, I can’t even contain my excitement! Dad – it has been so cool to see your commitment to this role and the joy you get out of practicing your lines and talking about the production. We are all so proud of you and you are an extremely talented performer! I am bummed I missed opening night but I’m sure I will be going multiple times in the next weeks! Love you!

  6. It has been a wild ride so far. Opening to a standing ovation the first night was out of this world! Thank you so much for your commitment to my commitment! We are having a great time. I know I am a dichotomy, I rate on the scale of about 98% introvert and phlegmatic but …”man, I come alive”… (one of the lines from NYC, one of my numbers in Annie) when on stage. I guess my students wouldn’t look at me as an introvert either, don’t know what that is, but I am having great fun with the cast and crew of Annie! Nothing like it. And nothing like walking out on that stage for the last bow of the evening…
    Thank you for your love and support.
    I told mom, I’m just trying to leave my mark on the planet…
    Favorite song from Annie?
    No, not Tomorrow.

    “Maybe they’re young, maybe they’re smart,
    Betcha they collect things like ashtrays and art,
    Maybe they’re good, why wouldn’t they be,
    Their one mistake, was giving up me…”

    I sit back stage in my Daddy Warbucks chair misty-eyed and watch Lorelei (Annie) sing that each night and I know that it is a part of who I once was and now have become.
    But you are right, Dess…
    Orphaned no more.
    And if you know me, I’m sitting hear bawling while I’m writing this…

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