The Office

Sometimes I sit in the cafe at church and spread my work out around me while I enjoy a crystal-clear view of snow-capped mountains in the offing.  Then I wonder: who the heck are all these people traipsing through my office?

Good news, though:

The Heaven Fest  office, thanks to Tara’s vision and hard work, can hardly be called “The Bat Cave” anymore.  We said Let there be light and Tara is lighting the stuffing out of that room.  It is quite hip and nice actually! 

Thanks, Tara-roo!  I love you!


Pictured:  Looking west from Colorado Blvd. and Highway 7: My view through the big “garage” doors from the cafe.

2 thoughts on “The Office

    1. Oh yes. Montana is gorgeous-that sky! And living right IN the Rockies.

      There is a blueness of the Colorado sky that knocks me out! At various times of the day, it changes and deepens and becomes multi-faceted. It CANNOT be captured in a paint color for my walls. After much study, I know this is true!

      I’d love to LIVE in the cafe-if only people didn’t attend church there. It is my perfect room.

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