Summer Bible-Reading Plan

From (a website I wholly adore!):

Main Entry: richly

Part of Speech: adverb

Definition: sumptuously

Synonyms: abundantly, amply, handsomely, largely, lavishly, opulently

Who thinks I did not fall behind during Heaven Fest and its’ aftermath?

Um, well, I did.  And I bet you are not surprised.  But I intend to eat all these words up in short order!  But let’s do this (just in case anyone else has fallen behind) : start right on this week’s.  That can be one beautiful meal a day.  Then if you’re still hungry later, serve yourself up some July 24 or July 31 goodies.  The main thing is to get the delicious sumptuousness of the Word into you; to be lavishly and abundantly filled up as if you have just had the best meal e-v-e-r!  We’ll get everything we need for life and godliness, yum!

Don’cha just love how I can turn anything into a food-thing???  Well, Beth Moore started it.  I once heard her say something to the effect that the Word is to be consumed like food to feed your spirit and how you can and should enjoy it like a menu at your fav restaurant.  She said sometimes, you’re on the go and just need an appetizer, other times a light salad, but then you will sit down and consume the 5-course meal.  And btw – you do NOT just eat once a day for your physical body.  I wonder why we think the spirit part of us just needs “one quiet time” per day?  I mean, come on – let’s eat!  A bowl of cereal here, a soup and salad lunch, a small cone from the DQ on a summer afternoon…a steak meal there…

Bon appetit!

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  1. Don’t know what it is about reading these, following a plan. I’ve done planned reading before. Maybe the right time, the right place? It’s been so good. So satisfying like a good meal. Yummy! Thanks for inviting your readers to join in. Hugs.

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