On being a grandparent

THE MOST AMAZING THING…according to me.

“THE most amazing thing about getting to be a grandparent is that the very kids you made so many mistakes on

(may have-could have damaged irreparably) 

grow up and honor you by trusting you with their babies.  Could there be a greater grace?”

You may quote me on this!  It is true!



The first five: Guini, Averi, Hunter, Gavin and Gemma. (group shots by Aunt Stormie)

And baby Amelie Belle…soon to have her own plastic weapon.

13 thoughts on “On being a grandparent

    1. Honey…I’m Nonna…so you are Poppa. And you’re grandpa, too, and I am NOT grandma…but that is beside the point. P-o-p-p-a. Poppa. ;p

  1. Awww Amelie’s growing up already…! Hard to believe.
    I love the picture of the Mob.! Adorable.! Don’t blame you for showing them off.! I would to
    Love ~~~Proud Great Grandma and your Mom

  2. They are growing up having fun family-time at your house. Those will be some of their favorite memories as adults someday :)

  3. The great thing about the group shots is that I just walked around the corner with the camera and they were all already in the get-away car…I love when you don’t have to force them into one area for a pose:)

  4. Beautiful grandbabies…from beautiful parents and grandparents…who are all lucky enough to be related to me…who will be able to sell-on-ebay the fact that they were all forced to endure being related to Gerron Ayento! I just call ’em like I see ’em! :o)

  5. Was that comment about Uncle Gerron just jealousy because he is known as “The Great One”? Ebayable for sure! :0) Modern day Bonnies & Clydes! I’m not sure what your readers will think, Jeanie!

  6. I have been looking for Grandparent quotes for days for our 20yo Grandson. We have 2 children, 7 grandchildren, and 2 greatgrands and we love them all so very much. Both of our children and their spouses have raise loving and caring children
    Thanks for the quote

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