Dear Sawyer Joell~

I get to do labor and delivery with Wrex and Stef when Sawyer is born.  Stefane gave me a little note-taking book for the Birthing Class we took a few Saturdays back.  I didn’t take many notes (I did have 5 babies myself, you know), but there are some.  And I have decided to use the rest of the pages to write advice and parenting encouragement to Stef and Wrex or little notes to Sawyer for reading someday when she is grown.  Plus there are prayers and blessings and silliness, along with little doodles and baby quotes.  Somedays I write quite neatly and others (like this one), not so much.  I consider it the secret code to a treasure…Sawyer Joell will apply herself to learning about her beginnings someday and will have to decipher my code.  And I hope she will discover how much she was loved and highly anticipated before she was born, by 2 incredible parents-to-be.

PS To Sawyer:  And I feel certain I shall break into song, as well, with great joy at your impending  birth.  I’m like that.

2 thoughts on “Dear Sawyer Joell~

  1. Oh, Jeanie Rhoades…what a gift sent straight from heaven you are to me. Thank you…for so much… It’s such an honor when I hear people speak so well of you and I get to say, “I know her, too…and I agree wholeheartedly with what you said.” It happened JUST yesterday, in fact. What a fabulous mom/nonna/adoptive mom/friend/mentor/coach/angel you are… I absolutely can not wait for Miss Sawyer to meet you, because I know she will join the masses who see you, speak your name and smile with giddy glee and admiration because of YOU. I love you!

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