Half Glass and the Grandbebes

Half full or half empty?

What sort of wee ones surround me?  I know I tend toward “the glass is half empty” but I don’t necessarily think that is a bad way to look at things.  It keeps me pushing for more and zealously pursuing what I actually want to see in the glass.  Yes, I overcompensate, but then I never run out!  How much does it really say, anyway?  It made me ponder my little grandbebes.

Gavin, 7.  The glass is half-full, of course.  Everything will be alright.  There is a way to solve any problem, plenty to go around.  Just look for it.  Keep a good attitude and chin up and all things will work out fine.

Hunter, 5.  It’s not half-full or half-empty.  It is in the middle.  It is what it is.  That is how I wanted it and so that is where it will be.  Not a drop more or less.

Guini, almost 5.  Why is this all I get?  How much did the boys get?  More, please.  The glass seems half empty.  Sensitive to what’s right and true justice, Guini will come back for more until she has had her fill.  Then she will smile with contentment.

Gemma, 3.  The glass is delightfully half full. “Look how much I have!!”   In fact-even just a drop in the bottom of the cup will cause GemGem to twirl with delight and satisfaction, full of gratitude and laughter.

Averi.  I will fill my own glass, thank-you very much.  And I will also sweet-talk you out of some of yours.   Give it!  She is 2.  : )

Amelie, 3 months.  Remains to be seen.  But we currently make sure her glass is full to the brim.

And me, really?  My cup is full.  Overflowing.

3 thoughts on “Half Glass and the Grandbebes

  1. I LOVE this post! You made me laugh as you described the babes and of course made me ponder. Me too, overflowing!!

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