O Happy Day!

happy staff

Final permits for Heaven Fest and the Cardboard Camp-out (cardboardcampout.com) were granted in a unanimous decision by the Adams County Commissioners this morning!   Whew!

Long process.   Along the way there are so many places for things to come apart or go forward.   We have had such favor and are praising God!  

Pictured: Stormie whipped together this little graphic today to reflect our mood.   Well-captured, Stormkins.


26 days until Heaven Fest (www.heavenfest.com).     40 Nights of Prayer and Worship continues nightly, 7-9 pm at Northern Hills at the veranda on the west side of the building (in The Garage on Tuesday nights).

  • Tonight, Marlis Pendleton (formerly of New Life in Co. Springs) leading worship.
  • Tuesday, my kids will be leading
  • Wednesday, Mary Jean Powers and I will lead (www.getthewordout.cc)
  • Thursday, Megan Isaacson www.meganisaacson.com
  • Friday, Dave and Tara Powers

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