Talk to Tomatoes

 5 tomatoes

I wrote about the first tomato of the season, see here.   The very next day, I decided to rotate the pot a bit and it turns out there are 5 tomatoes and the one I saw must’ve been number four, according to size.   Yay, patio tomato, most humble and plain of them all.   You’re a beauty in your terra cotta pot, thick-stemmed and flowery.   You’re making me happy.   Fruit, little plant,   fruit!

Pictured: you can see three of the 5 clearly – maybe 4 if you make the effort.

4 thoughts on “Talk to Tomatoes

  1. Bryan-you’re a booger, but I wouldn’t expect any less!

    Hopefully we don’t have you over soon and while you’re looking at my tomato plants (because I am forcing you) a bee flies right out and stings you!

    BTW-checked last night and there are 7 tomatoes!!

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