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“See Me, can you see Me?   Can you sense My love for you?”   These are roughly the words of a song I have listened to on one of my favorite websites,

The words were posed as from Father God.   And I was like, “I’m having trouble seeing You and I struggle to feel You near.”

This what I heard Him say:

You know how  when you have TIME – there is nothing pressing – and one of your kids come through the door and you’re happy just to sit with them   and be with them and listen to their joys?

Well, I’m like that with you, except TIME belongs to Me.   I hold it all in My hands, so you don’t have to wait for My calendar to clear for you.


I re-read that today and had to smile because God has indeed proven this very word to my soul in the past 2 weeks.   He is showing me that He eagerly awaits my arrival, my presence.   He’s revealed He isn’t peering at me, bothered by the interruption,  over the evening paper or too busy with some one else.

It is the summer of our first Heaven Fest and there is much to do and accomplish and yet, right in the middle of it, God my Father has provided rest, repair and renewal.   From my morning time in The Tent ( to as many evenings as I can make it at the prayer and worship leading up to HF, I have been covered to saturation in amazing music and worship, the Word of God, His miraculous provision for HF and more.   He is everywhere and everywhere He is, He welcomes me.   I am starting to see You, God.   And I am glad to have been seen by You…

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  1. I remember a story that someone told of being in a crowd of people with a famous person. Everyone was thronging around and all of the sudden the famous person recoginized the person telling the story and waved, making their way to them. The point that this person was trying to make was that they knew the famous person and was delighted beyond words when the famous person knew them. Then they likened it unto God. We are so honored to know about Him or to even know Him intimately but it is even more of a thrill when He knows and recognizes us…

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