Dave was enjoying some Seinfeld season 7 (episode 2, The Soul Mate) the other day when I heard this exchange between Jerry and George as they rode in a taxi:

George: (biting his nails and then inspecting them) You know, I can now bite my fingernails so evenly, I don't even need to use a clipper anymore.

Jerry: But it's a pleasure to use clippers.  Why gnaw away like a mental patient when we have this elegant device?

George: (pondering the question carefully) What if you're in prison?

Jerry: You don't think they give you clippers?

George: No! (incredulous) It's like – a weapon.

Jerry: You know what's really a weapon?  That big toe nail.  You let that grow for a month, take it in the shower, it's like a shiv

George: I love prison.

Jerry: It is fascinating.


Luckily, during the writer's strike, we can always go back to the good, old days of classics like these.

Quit biting your nails…Jeanie

2 thoughts on “Nail-biter

  1. Seinfeld is hilarious!!!  I was just watching one of Jerry's routines again the other night and laughed my head off.  I love hearing comedians who don't have to use foul language or crude subject matter to be funny.  As a non-nail-biter from way back, I agree with Jerry wholeheartedly!

  2. I agree with George – I never use nail clippers.  God gave us teeth for many reasons, and biting our nails is one of them;o)

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