A Glad New Year



I am impressed that the sender of this old postcard (mailed for a mere one-cent) thought, some 92 years ago, to send a New Year's greeting on December 26.  I wonder if Miss Myrtle did have, indeed, "a glad New Year" in 1916?

I hope you have one!…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  "Forget about what's happened; don't keep going over old history.  Be alert, be present!  I'm about to do something new.  It's bursting out – don't you see it?  There it is!  I'm making a road in the desert, rivers in the badlands…" (Is. 43.18-19 the Message)

1 thought on “A Glad New Year

  1. You find the coolest stuff. I hope you and yours have a glad New Year also. In my experience with you it usually something amazing to see when you burst out. Thanks for the Christmas rememberance it will always be part of our Christmases in the future. If we decorate your life its because you have decorated ours first and better.

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