Hungry? Empty?


Worship and the Word Movement (the ministry I work for) is doing a night of worship this coming Sunday night from 6-9 pm in The Celebration Center at Northern Hills (5061 E. 160th Ave, Brighton, CO).  The theme is: worship+Word+soak.  It's a gathering for people hungry for the Presence of God.  It is the first Sunday of the year to corporately come together to seek Jesus and to receive from Him.

Besides awesome, vertical worship, the Word will be read (by Mary Jean Powers, Dave & Tara, others)- passages on the fear of the Lord and on seeking the Lord, and we'll let the Word speak for itself.

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Unfortunately, there is no childcare available, but consider whether maybe your kids are old enough to start being immersed in the Presence of God, in His Word, and in worshiping Him?  On New Year's Eve, we stayed "in" and babysat the grandkids while our kids were out doing worship at a church in Aurora to bring in the New Year.  GTV was showing The Call Conference and we got to enjoy Jason Upton leading worship just before I tucked Hunter into bed.  I am telling you – Hunter's little heart was receptive and moved by the sounds of worship and intercession. Feed them well.  And don't starve your spirit, either.

Come and be fed.  Come and soak it in.

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