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Stormie had a book bound for me for Christmas with pictures of cakes I have made in 2007.  She just uploaded the pictures and made up some script and voila-I have a published volume, looking ever so official, with a UPC code and everything.  It was such a cool gift.  She also made me an "official" sign to  hang in the car window when transporting cakes so that cars passing by won't flip me off for going slow: CAKE ON BOARD

It is amazing.  It really is.  If you are driving carefully so the cake won't spill and people don't know your reason – they are mean, grouchy passers.  But if you have a Cake-on-Board sign, I've discovered, they go by with a big smile and a thumbs-up.  So – anyway, my sweet Stormie put together those thoughts in honor of all the cakes (see here and here, or just do a search of "cakes" on this site) I have been making.

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So, my sons-in-law and other kids got to joking around on Christmas morning as they were all telling me I should go into business making cakes and off they went on a secret mission.  A few minutes later I was called to the computer where they had quickly put together a website called "JeanieCakes."  You can even see it here:

Crazy kids!  Crazy, sweet, wonderful, honoring kids!

Guess I should put together a business plan?…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Practice cake baking.  Watch more Ace of Cakes!

Pictured: the already well-fingerprinted cover of the book from Stormie; a view of the back part of the dust jacket featuring Audrey's wedding cake in up-close detail and a little bio of me inside; a random spread from inside showing Hunter's fire truck cake; the book face down

6 thoughts on “Hot off the Press

  1. What a wonderful gift.  We all agree that you should should do this as a profession.  You are such a talented lady.

  2. It's true.  Amazing, sweet, and thoughtful… taught all of those years by amazing, sweet, and thoughtful you.  Truly you reap what you sow.  What a wonderful gift… all the way around.

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