Mrs. Verniece A. Robin

A mild and lovely 4th ~ which got a thorough summer soaking complete with rolling thunder around 9 o’clock in the evening, thereby ruining patriotic fireworks displays around the metro-area (the show may go on, check your local news agencies for possible events tonight), has become a bright, sunny, wet backyard morning.  The orange-bellied American robin prances around the yard and gardens with great satisfaction, having her fill of an insect-breakfast and refreshing sips from raindrop-covered leaves.

I’d really rather just enjoy the morning,” she gently resists me.  Dropping her eyes and brushing her apron demurely she explains, “I was not prepared to be photographed this morning.”

Oh well.  Ok.

Nonetheless ~ The leaves dance.  The flowers stand fully gratified with the evening’s gift.  The tomatoes swell.  All sparkles.  Everything is clean.  Pretty morning.  Quite nice.

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