The Twilight Saga ~ Eclipse

So I went.  And I am too old to really get into the story or be on Team Edward or Team Jacob.  The truth is, at that age, though?  Team Jacob.  Come on.  I love  when Edward confronts him with the thing we were all wondering: “Do you ever wear a shirt?”  Haha.  Because it was all about showing the beefcake. 

But Edward is old {inside – in a really good way} and he has the words and the wisdom of years (he talks to Bella about courting her and protecting her innocence and waiting for marriage, for crying out loud!) and so if I had to choose now ~ Team Edward, of course.  Real men aren’t afraid to sparkle.

Luckily I have the best of both worlds.  In real life.

5 thoughts on “Eclipsing

  1. I enjoyed it too! My favorite line of the entire movie: (When Jacob is talking to Edward in the tent when he has to warm Bella so she doesn’t freeze to death) Jacob to Edward, with shirt off of course: “Face it, I’m hotter than you.” Best line!!!!! Yes, I agree that Edward is noble, I still see myself as Team Jacob though!

  2. I have to totally agree with you mom! I do think Jacob is a hottie but that’s only because he looks like Rocky! Except Rocky is Hotter! But I am team Edward for Bella! He is a cutie as well! Haha! Great movie and I cannot wait to see it again! I wonder if Jacob’s parents in real life look anything like you and dad? Hmmm??!!

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