Misc. thoughts on a Friday

My dog adores me.  She thinks I am positively amazing.  I hope I can live up to her expectations.

My dog also adores watermelon – rind and all.  If I’d let her, she would eat the whole thing!  She may love watermelon more than me.

Hawaii and Alaska were the final 2 states to join the union.  That was in 1959.  They are as old as me.  What prompted this trivia?  Stormie having us dig a flag out of the rafters for her (old flag=super cool home decor).  She took the one with 50 stars.  I kept the one with 48.  Now – where shall I hang it???

Is it wrong that I am OK with the wasps pollinating the flowers on my veggie plants, but I know I plan to kill them as soon as everything is fruiting?


I remember being 22 like it was yesterday.  It was the year I finally learned to like cantaloupe.  I just cut one in the kitchen and the scent is taking me back – so sweet, so tender (both the cantaloupe and me).  Hahahaha.  Oh, wow – time does fly.

I just got my hair cut.  But this is last week, the before.  I made Dave take a picture.  Because I don’t know (at this advanced stage of life) if it will ever be this long again. :)

hair long over 50

I did NOT get enough Poblano pepper plants.  I kept thinking I would run across more on sale.  I only have 2.  This will not satiate my Chile Relleno needs.

A couple of grand-girls are coming to spend the night.  I’m the lucky one.

Happy Weekend, one and all.



2 thoughts on “Misc. thoughts on a Friday

  1. Your remark about your hair. Well, Mandi has a salon called Mirror Mirror (don’t you love that name? :). Anyway, we have had this discussion often. Don’t let age dictate your hair length. If you want it long keep it long or grow it long again. We know many lovely women with long hair in their 60’s plus. Of course, if you want shorter do that. It’s your hair! By the way where is the pic of the new cut? Just a thought pretty lady.

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