I love

Written & performed by Tom T. Hall

Oh dang – I didn’t even totally get this song when it was a top-40 hit in that 1973-74 era (soooo known for great music, click here).  I do now.  Must be old.  :)

I love little baby ducks,

Old pick-up trucks,

Slow movin trains, and rain.

I love little country streams,

Sleep without dreams,

Sunday school in May, and hay.

And I love you too.

I love leaves in the wind,

Pictures of my friends,

Birds of the world, and squirrels.

I love coffee in a cup,

Little fuzzy pups,

Bourbon in a glass, and grass.

And I love you too.

I love honest open smiles,

Kisses from a child,

Tomatoes on a vine, and onions.

I love winners when they cry,

Losers when they try,

Music when it’s good, and life.

And I love you too.

I love…{a list}

I love Baby-Bailey stretching as she wakes up, Dave making my morning coffee, seeing the tomatoes plump up, floating in the pool, people who love you anyway-even if they could decide not to, my granbebes knowing how much I love their hugs and kisses and running to give them to me, how much Sandy-the-Dog believes the best of me, when the trees serenade me, freshly-mowed grass, bees gathering pollen from my flowers, the tiger swallowtail that was dipping and diving and fluttering over my head yesterday,  a word in season, a word of encouragement without the slightest eye roll or “you-should-know-this” superiority, that Gavin knows how to buy and sell on Ebay with his hard-earned money, and that his sisters so look up to him, that Hunter believes I am the one person in his life that he can sway at any time in any way and I have no plans to make him think otherwise.

I love pre-school with Averi, chasing Amelie and her big, sweet hugs when I catch her, Malakai for all I am learning about the love of God towards us who have been adopted and grafted, Gemma’s long, red, curly hair, Guini’s sweet freckles, baby dill pickles, purple petunias, Kosher salt, the antique church pew in my kitchen,  and harmonizing with my parents.

I love my grown children and the people they have married.  I love my husband of almost 32 years.  I love Joey, Timmy, Tami & Danny and their families.

I love the grandparents I once had and getting to be one now. I love cinnamon toast and a little ice cream with my caramel sauce.  I love a Caramel Frappucino from Starbucks and chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A (with Bleu Cheese Dressing and Hot Sauce!) and a large iced tea with lemon, please, and the mountains and a wild-running river stream, and a sandy beach with clear waters and a good conversation without time limits that leaves you wanting more.

And chances are, if you are reading this, I love you, too. 

I love a lot more now than I once did.  I could have gone on all day.  What do YOU love?

Pictured: Gavin behind the Powers house in the open-space.  A Friday night sunset in June.

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