Two daughters {the rest of the story}

Stephanie May

Steph with special effects by Stormie

Due June 30, Stephanie surprised us by arriving mid-May, before we’d exhausted the baby-name books searching for the perfect description.  But the official hospital person arrived to record the legal information and we named her.  Her middle name is for the beautiful, delightful spring month in which this bassinet-full-of-joy came to us, turning life upside down in happiness. {Perfect.}

Stormie Dae

 Stormie in Taiwan

Very long story, the shortened version of which is,  “Stormie” was a done-deal, but Stormie also happened to arrive during a freak ice-storm/snow- blizzard in Iowa following such sunny and lovely days, her siblings had already been splashing in their wading pool.  Dae seemed a natural variation to the stormie day she was born.  A {Dae} to remember.

They now blog.

Stephanie and Stormie are known for being very creative, intuitive, resourceful and savvy.  Today they have the launched MayDae the blog, with more exciting pursuits to follow.  You will L O V E it!!!!  Happiness.

Naturally you will also always find the link on my blogroll below!

Fashion, decor or opinion ~ whatever strikes their fancy.  Plus eye candy!

7 thoughts on “MAY DAE

  1. Hmmmm~~Can’t “wait” to see what these two come up with.
    I have a feeling it’s gonna be really “Great” Love ~~Grandma

  2. Sounds interesting! I’ll check back! May God Bless the adventure! – – -an old unc.- – –

  3. Ladies, you know you can count on me if you start running out of material. In fact, right now you can get a 70% discount on all my sermons written before 1985, if you are family and you send along two proof of purchase seals from any Post Brand Cereals. A great deal! (Your Uncle Gerron takes adavntage of this stuff all the time- see him for input!) :0)

    Just kidding, of course, but that is my job in this family- I think! Love the concept…name…and the fact that yet one more time, members of this family are showing the extremely high level of creativity that God has implanted in all our hearts! Go get ’em, and “don’t you look back!” (what movie is that from?)

    Uncle Joe

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