In Like a Lamb


I have maintained a fairly optimistic and positive viewpoint about winter this year, especially in light of the fact that we do live in Colorado and usually have very mild winters.  But this one has been too long.  Yes, I know other states have had it worse.  But two of Colorado’s snowiest months are October and March.  And since I have seen it snow in September and drop 50-degrees in 2 hours and snow in May then …aaaaaarrrrrrggghhhh!!!!!    I can’t take anymore!  I mean it!

 google image

If March freaking goes out like a lion (as my 2nd-grade teacher predicted would happen when March 1 has these lamb-like qualities and I always found her to be truthful and honest), I am going to scream bloody murder.  I need hot sun.  I need April showers and May flowers.  I need spring.

UPDATE 3.02.10~Oh.  So, good.  We are going to be in the 50s all week.  Fine.  I have  been heard.  Gavin told me Sunday he thought we should try to do some gardening this week and I think he is right!  Little man after my own heart…

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