Life Right

“We save a tree, but kill a child…”

Those were lyrics in a song playing before the service began at church Sunday.

And I do wonder that we are not even mortified at that.  I am troubled that I stay too silent regarding the right of the life-seed in a woman’s womb, a separate and living being, to live – to have the same chance as the person carrying that life has.  Trying not to cause offense, trying to avoid politcal controversy, I stay quiet when I really want to boldly ask: why would we not cherish, revere and nurture human life?  Why so little regard in our nation, a nation that is so zealous to do good in the world, for the life of a pure, fresh, brand new, living human being?  What about the right of this living thing to grow and to become?

“We can remove the mass of conception pretty easily at this point.”  The mass of conception.  These are the words a doctor used concerning my “condition” when I was a teen-age Bible college freshman pregnant with my first child.

By the time my doctor said these words when I was about 5 or 6 weeks along, the child within was already a unique and distinct life beginning her own amazing journey of existance.  Within me, yes, but she was already her own person.  She had DNA, was matabolizing the nutrition I provided, was sucking her thumb and had her own blood type.  She was moving and growing and her heart was beating.   She was Tara at her very beginning.

Google it: Save a tree…save a whale…save a forest…save a manatee…save the dunes…save the bay…save the jaguar…save the elephants…save the redwoods…but abort 1.3 million babies legally in the United States every year.  Throw the promise and potential away.

I am signing this petition ( to reject the so-called “Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), a proposed federal law that would

  • make partial birth abortion method legal again
  • require tax funding of abortion on demand, even when used as a method of birth control
  • nullify virtually all state limits on abortion, inclding laws requiring parental notification before abortion is performed on a minor

I am signing it because I have the freedom to choose life and stand for the rights of the yet-unborn, but living promise.  And that is what I am doing. 

Save the Tara’s…

4 thoughts on “Life Right

  1. Tearfully, beautiful. I mourn for our lost society who’s standard for decision making is so far from the Truth. Thank the Lord for the wise choice you made…the world could use more of you…and more Taras.

  2. Close to my heart, this one…

    News of my arrival on this earth was not a welcome thing, not a happy thing. It caused all manner of grief and embarrassment. But somewhere out there, when I was just a “mass of conception” were two people who, without ever seeing me or even knowing I was coming, knew that I would fit perfectly in their hearts and in their home, though someone else gave me life.

    Thank you, whoever you are out there, for knowing what I could become, for knowing what I could experience, for choosing life for me instead of death, for picturing me as a baby and not just a few expendable cells, for seeing what the Father had planned for me. I am truly grateful.

  3. As difficult as this post was for me to read, I am glad that you wrote it. One ay I will meet my Tara. I will sign the pstition as well.

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