Just Like Daddy


Gavin drops in for a quick hello just before he goes to Kindergarten today.  He is sporting a faux-hawk and asks me what I think, as he carefully touches the pointed tips of his hair to make sure it has remained where it was carefully coiffed and coaxed with gel to remain.

You look so cool, Gavin.  I love your hair!

He peels off his coat, exhuberantly explains, “Look, Nonna!  I have on two shirts!”  He reveals a black t-shirt under a long-sleeved, vertically striped, button-down, dress shirt.  I respond with appropriate glee at how good he looks.

“I have two shirts,” he finishes his thought.  “Just like my daddy.”  A resolute nod of his head along with a knowing look and the gentle smile on his lips – and I know that today, in this moment,  Gavin has attained his highest and most precious goal: to be just like his daddy.

And I think of Tristan and quickly thank God that Gavin has a daddy worth emulating.  He is becoming remarkable, just like his unusually remarkable father.

How full can one heart get?…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Make my highest goal – to be like Father

9 thoughts on “Just Like Daddy

  1. I’m in class on break and I have to hold it together…
    Makes me thing of the Phillips, Craig and Dean song…
    I want to be like Jesus because my son wants to be like me…
    I concur, Tristan you are worthy of emulation…

  2. First – Gavin is amazing and I wish time wasn’t flying by so fast.

    Second – Thanks for all the kind words, sometimes I’m not too sure how I’m living up though…

    Third – Inspiring Phillips, Craig and Dean is not cool.

  3. Awww, what a great story. I love our little gavin! He truly is JOY to all of us. Tristan, thanks for being such an awesome inspiration!

  4. Gavin has it right – to grow up like his daddy would be a blessing to everyone! :-) Tristan has been such an inspiration to our family – thanks for sharing this tender moment, Jeanie. Love you all!

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