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My Magoo


Hunter’s mommy and daddy are off doing a ministry conference.  For two whole days and nights he is mine, all mine.  I keep him close.  I listen to him set up “meetings” on an old cell phone with his little playmates.  He thanks me profusely for the little “bed” I have created for him right next to me on the floor.  Just as I am dozing off, I sense his little face close to mine.  Leaning against the side of my bed with his head resting on his hands, he nonchalently starts a conversation as if it were 11:30 am instead of 11:30 pm. 

“Do you want to cuddle for a few minutes?”  I ask.  “Yes, just for a few minutes, Nonna.”  He climbs into bed and wraps his arms around me.  We snuggle close, he is stroking my arm.  I close my eyes and breathe him in – and wasn’t it just yesterday that his mommy was this little, this near?  He is four and tomorrow he will be fourteen.  I am memorizing the softness of his face on mine, of his raspy whisper talking about this and that and nothing at all.

A few minutes later I tuck him back in to his makeshift bed.  I can see his long lashes in the moonlight.  He will stay awake and watch me as long as I am watching him, so I know I must call it a night.  I place my hand on his chest and pray over him – for God’s favor and blessing to rest on him.  O God, make Your face to shine upon my little Hunter.  Guide his steps, direct his path.  God, bless my little man.  Bless Him, Lord.  Jesus, bless my Hunter!  I cry out with intensity in the darkness.  “Jesus bless you, Nonna!”  Hunter finishes.

He has, Magoo.  He has!…Hunter’s Nonna


NOTE TO SELF:  Work on my Thanksgiving list of all the things I have to be grateful for, thankful for, don’t deserve…my list will be long.

pictured: Hunter with the mommy and daddy who are making him such a cool kid – jumping off a hay bail with total abandon; with his mom and dad; jumping off a train and being thrown 12 feet into the air-with glee!

Just Like Daddy


Gavin drops in for a quick hello just before he goes to Kindergarten today.  He is sporting a faux-hawk and asks me what I think, as he carefully touches the pointed tips of his hair to make sure it has remained where it was carefully coiffed and coaxed with gel to remain.

You look so cool, Gavin.  I love your hair!

He peels off his coat, exhuberantly explains, “Look, Nonna!  I have on two shirts!”  He reveals a black t-shirt under a long-sleeved, vertically striped, button-down, dress shirt.  I respond with appropriate glee at how good he looks.

“I have two shirts,” he finishes his thought.  “Just like my daddy.”  A resolute nod of his head along with a knowing look and the gentle smile on his lips – and I know that today, in this moment,  Gavin has attained his highest and most precious goal: to be just like his daddy.

And I think of Tristan and quickly thank God that Gavin has a daddy worth emulating.  He is becoming remarkable, just like his unusually remarkable father.

How full can one heart get?…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Make my highest goal – to be like Father