It’s a Family Affair

See a more complete report here:  The Moslander Family Reunion…

The Moslanders Came to Denver & here is a glimpse of the time together…

ourcamreunion09-003 ourcamreunion09-0242 ourcamreunion09-005 

pictured:  At Mile High Flea Market ~ Jordan, the semi-pro football player; Uncle Gerron innocently shopping for the right pair of jeans; Aunt Tami with Jovan and Averi

ourcamreunion09-050 ourcamreunion09-009 ourcamreunion09-021 

pictured:  me (what the heck with the hair??) and my mama; cousins Tara & Elise; Gerron and Dave, the bro-in-laws (some people think Tami and I married brothers becuz we both went for the hot Latino types)

pictured below: Elise with her daddy and my brother, Joe; Elise at the jeans shop, where unbeknownst to her, there was the inevitable Moslander-booty discussion happening; Tara and her Aunt Tami discussing tank tops

ourcamreunion09-028 ourcamreunion09-029-copy1 ourcamreunion09-045 

What on earth did we do?

We gathered, we ate, we Mile-Hi flea marketed, we cooked out at the farm (Stef and Wrex~  Thank-you so much for an unforgettable evening) and roped “cattle” and rode horses and played horseshoes.  We bonfired and sang, we talked and talked and took pictures.  We prayed.   We cried sometimes and laughed a lot.  We ate some more.  Robin cookie-ed us silly!  We shot off fireworks (which may or may not have been illegal from over the Wyoming state line) and BBs and air-soft pellets.  Grandma (or great-grandma) Moslander whipped everybody’s butts in horseshoes at the age of 71-years-young!  Seriously?  If she would color her hair, you’d only think she was 54 by her activity-level.  She also perfected her roping skills after the lesson from Cowboy Wrex.  The woman kills!  We ate some more.   In short, we just hung out together.

ourcamreunion09-062 ourcamreunion09-101 ourcamreunion09-184

pictured: Dawn and Dan and Grandpa Moslander relaxing; the little ones on the horses; praying before the big steak and corn on the cob and all the other delish food meal

ourcamreunion09-212 ourcamreunion09-216

pictured: Aunt Tami can truly talk to the animals!

ourcamreunion09-103 ourcamreunion09-109 stormies-reunion-1-003

pictured: a horse, of course; Tristan and Gemma riding; Rocky and Guini riding into the sunset

ourcamreunion09-201 ourcamreunion09-199

pictured: Grandpa Moslander reverted to his farm days as a kid and spent a lot of time feeding the mama goat and the albino calf

ourcamreunion09-120 ourcamreunion09-123 ourcamreunion09-182

pictured: Aunt Tami with her new friend the horse; Guini and Hunter riding by; Grandma Moslander winning at horseshoes

ourcamreunion09-230 ourcamreunion09-218

pictured: Uncle Joe and Grandpa visiting between songs; the calf

Not Pictured:

The giant 3 1/2 foot snake that almost ran right over my feet!  Yes.  It was a giant!

Psalm 34.11  “Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD.”

5 thoughts on “It’s a Family Affair

  1. Hey!!! Jeanie, do you remember when that girl was going to kick your butt in the Hammond High School gymnasium because she kept greeting you with the word ‘Hey,’ which was common among back-wood SE Louisiana folks in the mid-1970’s, and you kept saying ‘What?” Do you remember that….I do…..that was awesome!

    Love that you are a 600+ blogger…wish I had that kind of fire…or maybe I really just wish I had that much depth…I don’t think I’ve had 600 thoughts my whole life! Kudos little sister- love ya!

    Thanks for letting us crash in on you last weekend…loved it! Loved it!!!!!!

  2. Family reunion was marvelous fun! It’s so great being able to see our fam once every two years. We happen to have the hippest family known to man. I hope that we’re able to get together for years and years to come. Love all of you Moslanders! :)

  3. It looks like you had one fantastic reunion. Memories made that you will remember for a lifetime. Praise God for times like these.

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