Family Farm

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Stefanie and Wrex Phipps are just such generous and giving people.  They let us crash their farmland and just became a part of the Moslander family from far and wide as we celebrated and re-unioned together last week.  Thank-you sooooooooo much, Stef and Wrex.  EVERYBODY fell in love with you just like we did when we first met you.  You made us so welcomed and were just a part of us!  We love you and will never forget the great time at the farm!  pictured: the farmer and his drop-dead gorgeous wife; Stef and Dessa


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Aunt Tami-finger licking good; Uncle Gerron saying, “Down boy-Tami is mine.”; Elise-the-Niece and me

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Austin feeding the calf; Dawn and Robin, my beautiful sisters-in-law…and two of the godliest women I know

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Goat says, “Really.  What do you city folk want?”; Cowboy Wrex bringing the horses; Hunter saddled up

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Tredessa swinging the rope and getting her steer; Averi taking control of the bull

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Cousin Corbin roping; Gemma bull-riding; the boys being little cow-pokes

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My mom has always, and I mean always been a cowgirl at heart!; Tristan with his kiddies; Guini and the goat

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Tredessa lassos her cousin Corbin (certainly he deserved it for one ornery thing or another he said); the little ones lasso-ing; Dave and his food

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Hunter and his corn-on-the-cob; Averi and hers; Gavin and the goat

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Corbin; Rocky; Uncle Joe playing horseshoes and losing (to his 71-year-old mother)

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Uncle Gerron with Jordan and Austin; my mama roping again; Stephanie and Tristan

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Uncle Gerron and Uncle Joe; Rocky and Corbin shooting…plastic bottles and stuff

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The bonfire Wrex built; Aunt Dawn and Guini; Wrex and Austin stoking the fire

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The boys roasting marshmallows; Guini and Hunter walking down the road as the sun disappeared; a beautiful summer evening with family around the fire

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above: Our hostess Stef with sisters Tara and Tredessa;  Aunt Dawn and Guini doing sparklers

below: Uncle Gerron is loved by animals and toddlers alike – here with GemGem; Hunter and his fireworks

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It was an unforgettable evening of love on the farm with the fam.

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3 thoughts on “Family Farm

  1. Yes, that night was so fun and relaxing! Thanks Stef and Wrex for all you did for our family, we are truly so blessed to have you in our lives! We love you!

  2. What a wonderful time that was at the farm!!! People pay money to go to petting zoo’s and horse riding stables, but we had it all right there for free and no work of my own hands! :0) Stef & Wrex, I want to say a huge THANK YOU for all you did to prepare for our clan and then to serve us while we were there! From bringing out the animals, benches on haybails, the “metal bull” (or whatever you call that thing), to the bonfire,I looked around and knew you had done a lot to bless our time together and it means so much! One of my favorite moments of the whole trip was watching our mother enjoy herself roping the bull. This is the cowgirl side of her we’ve heard about our whole lives, but haven’t as often been able to see. She lassoed the horseshoe pole first and popped a big bubble at the same time. When I mentioned to her that she was multi-talented, she said robustly, “It’s because I’m excited!” I loved watching her do something again that had brought her so much joy as a child. And then to top it off, she got roping tips from a professional! Thank you again for all you did for us!!!

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